Sackboy: A Big Adventure Releases October 27th

The first thing to notice is the new image. We wanted this game to be visually stunning on PC , so with that goal in mind, here are some of the new graphics features we've added to get the most out of your hardware:

· 4K with target @ 120FPS1. Craftworld's beautiful patchwork is rendered in stunning 4K detail.
· Super deep learning sampling. NVIDIA DLSS2 boosts graphics performance by using a dedicated processor found only on GeForce RTX GPUs, boosting frame rates with exceptional image quality.
· VRR. Variable refresh rate support makes Sackboy more responsive than ever.

Widescreen! The game supports a wide range of display ratios, including 21:9.3 ultra-wide
While we've added all these new graphics features for players with high-end computers, we've also working hard to ensure that a wide range of different hardware is supported. read more Here are the minimum and recommended specifications details:

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